Thousands of motorists are fatalities in large truck accidents each year, including the drivers themselves. When driving in a passenger car or riding on a motorcycle, the size difference between you and a commercial motor vehicle is unfortunately not in your favor. It is important to understand that not all large truck accidents are the fault of the driver – CMV operators are professionally licensed and extensively trained. Sometimes, poor maintenance of the driver’s big rig is the cause.

Brake System Errors

blogtruckThe braking systems in large trucks work differently than the ones in our cars. Standard motor vehicles use brake fluid to power the system, while commercial motor vehicles rely on compressed air. Originally used for railway service, compressed air works well for heavier road vehicles. Large tractor trailer trucks can weigh about 800,000 pounds on average, therefore it is essential for the brakes to be able to bring the vehicle to a safe stop! Unfortunately, brake failure is a leading cause of commercial vehicle accidents. It can be the result of overuse and overheating, balance issues or depowering to improve gas mileage.

Defective Tires

It takes four tires to support a 3,000-pound motor vehicle; it’s no wonder commercial vehicles need so many more! Although they have back-ups, it is critical for CMV tires to be properly inflated when carrying massive amounts of weight. After long trips in potentially dangerous weather conditions, tire tread decreases much faster with a CMV than a car. If the tires are struggling to grip the road, the driver could lose control, leading to an accident.

Oil Needs Replacing

Think about how often you schedule oil changes for your car – every 3,000 miles or so? Depending on how far you drive each day, that could take quite some time. On the other hand, many large truck drivers can go that distance in a matter of weeks! We’re able to let our cars go slightly over the recommended mileage without worrying about the oil, but CMV drivers can’t afford to take that risk. Powerful engines need to be much more lubricated than your average compact vehicle to run at maximum efficiency. If left unchanged, the oil can become a main ingredient in recipe for an accident.

Companies Cutting Costs

Regrettably, some commercial trucking companies ignore maintenance issues to save money. It can be costly to care for a fleet of large trucks, but it is an important factor of being in business. For the safety of the truck drivers, other motorists and your company’s reputation, it is imperative to keep up with repairs.

If you or a loved one was involved in a CMV accident and you believe the cause could have been a maintenance issue, contact the experienced lawyers at Trantolo & Trantolo. Our team of truck accident attorneys is committed to bringing companies who have put profit before the safety of innocent people to justice.