Victims can seek justice in a civil case if they suffered injuries in a Waterbury accident caused by someone else’s negligence. Our accident attorneys have more than 85 years of experience recovering verdicts and settlements for our clients. Starting with the first conversation, we treat each case with respect and attention to detail.

The team of Waterbury personal injury lawyers at Trantolo & Trantolo, LLC, will lead you through the claims process and will always be available to answer any questions. We aim to seek just compensation for your claim, recovering money for your accident-related expenses and losses. We offer free consultations. Contact us today to learn more.

Our Waterbury Personal Injury Lawyers Pursue Fair Compensation for Clients

At Trantolo & Trantolo, LLC, we fight for justice for our clients, seeking accountability and compensation on their behalf. We develop personal injury claims using evidence that documents what happened and who is legally liable. Then, we file an insurance claim and negotiate a fair settlement or sue. If necessary, we take Waterbury personal injury lawsuits to civil court and ask the judge or jury to award a fair payout.

The value of your personal injury payout depends greatly on your unique expenses and losses. The money we pursue in these cases covers the economic and non-economic costs you incurred because of your accident and injuries. Examples of recoverable damages in these cases include:

  • Present and ongoing pain and suffering
  • Medical expenses
  • Current and future income losses
  • Diminished ability to work and earn a living if you have lasting injuries
  • Property damages, such as damage to your car in a crash

Sometimes, personal injury victims suffer severe injuries and pass away before filing a lawsuit against the at-fault party. When this occurs, their family could recover compensation by pursuing a Waterbury wrongful death case. Our attorneys will help you understand the applicable laws and navigate the legal process on your behalf.

Under Connecticut General Statutes § 52-555, Connecticut law limits who can file wrongful death lawsuits. Only the executor of the victim’s estate may file. They could recover damages such as:

  • Conscious pain and suffering your loved one felt
  • Medical care bills related to your loved one’s passing
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Loss of consortium

The Attorneys at Trantolo & Trantolo, LLC, Fight for Justice for Waterbury Personal Injury Victims

Trantolo & Trantolo, LLC, has been fighting for the rights of Connecticut personal injury victims since 1938. We help victims like you seek appropriate compensation for their medical costs and other damages after a Waterbury, CT, negligence accident. We put our legal experience to work for you and take cases to trial when necessary.

We have a long track record of success in personal injury cases. We have the experience, knowledge, reputation, and resources to handle even the most complex and challenging cases. Over the last 85 years, we have recovered millions in settlements and verdicts for our clients.

When you choose to work with our Waterbury team, you become a part of our family. You can expect personalized attention and support from the first conversation until we close the case.

Our Personal Injury Lawyers Handle Many Types of Personal Injury Cases in Waterbury

When we talk about personal injuries, we are referring to a range of incidents and accidents that can cause minor, moderate, serious, catastrophic, or fatal injuries. Almost any time when one party acts with negligence, and someone else suffers injuries as a result, the victim could have a viable personal injury case.

Some common types of cases we handle include:

Car Accident Cases

Our Waterbury car accident attorneys are here to help you seek compensation based on your damages. You have rights if another driver caused your Waterbury auto accident. We can help you hold them accountable.

We have the knowledge, experience, and resources necessary to navigate the claims process and help clients secure a payout based on their documented expenses and losses. We will file a lawsuit and take the case to trial when necessary.

Truck Accidents Cases

If you’ve been involved in a truck accident in Waterbury, you need a dedicated legal team that understands the intricacies of these complex cases. Our experienced Waterbury truck accident lawyers are here to provide you with the support and guidance you need during this challenging time. We’re committed to fighting for your rights and ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries and losses.

Motorcycle Accident Cases

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident and the other driver was at fault, our Waterbury motorcycle crash attorneys can help you. We ride, so we understand. We know how to document what happened and the damages you suffered, demanding fair compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier.

If they refuse to make a fair offer, we will not give in. We will continue to fight, filing a lawsuit against the driver and continuing negotiations when possible. If there is no settlement before the trial date arrives, we will present your case to the jury and ask for fair compensation.

Pedestrian Accidents Cases

We understand the unique challenges faced by pedestrians in these incidents and are committed to seeking justice on your behalf. Whether negotiating with insurance companies or representing you in court, we’re determined to secure the compensation you deserve for your injuries and hardships. Our team of dedicated Waterbury pedestrian accident lawyers is here to advocate for you.

Dog Bite Cases

When a dog bites, the owner may be legally responsible for any damages that occur. These cases depend greatly on circumstances and applicable laws. Our attorneys know how to navigate the legal process and pursue compensation for our clients. We understand that dog bite cases involve both physical and psychological harm, and we fight for a fair payout to cover medical care costs, income losses, pain and suffering, mental anguish, and other damages.

Slip and Fall Cases

Connecticut property owners must keep their property free from hazards that could cause visitors to suffer injuries. This includes slip, trip, and other fall hazards. If they are negligent by failing to remove or repair unreasonable hazards, they are legally responsible for the injuries that result.

This is a type of premises liability case. Our Waterbury attorneys know how to document the hazards, develop a compelling case, and seek compensation on our client’s behalf.

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Who Is Liable for My Waterbury, CT, Personal Injury Damages?

As a part of handling your Waterbury, CT, personal injury case, our attorneys identify all potentially liable parties. Then, we gather evidence to show who is responsible for the incident and what occurred.

Personal injury cases are based on negligence. These accidents and incidents occur because someone acts carelessly or recklessly. To hold that party responsible, we must have evidence that negligence occurred. There are four things that must occur for negligence to take place. This includes:

  • Duty of care: The liable party had a duty to keep you safe.
  • Breach of duty: The liable party did not uphold their duty of care, instead acting with negligence.
  • Causation: The liable party’s action or inaction was the cause of your accident.
  • Damages: You suffered damages.

Our Waterbury personal injury lawyers know what it takes to build cases against negligent parties, holding them accountable for the losses our clients suffered. The types of evidence we gather depend on the circumstances of your case. In many personal injury cases, we can collect evidence such as:

  • Eyewitness statements
  • Surveillance footage of the accident
  • Photos you took of your injuries or the accident
  • Police reports or documentation from other officials
  • Accident scene reconstruction
  • Your medical documents
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Proof of your damages, such as income records

How Our Waterbury Personal Injury Attorneys Handle the Legal Process

When our Waterbury personal injury lawyers handle a case for clients, we take care of all aspects of their claim or lawsuit. We investigate what happened, develop an approach, and negotiate with the insurance company. We know how to navigate each of these steps and the many actions necessary in between.

There are generally two ways we recover compensation for clients:

  • Through a negotiated settlement agreement
  • By taking the case to trial and winning a verdict and award

Most of our successful cases end with a settlement agreement. Even when we need to sue the liable party, negotiations continue, and a settlement is often possible. Beginning a lawsuit could even push the insurer to provide a better offer to avoid a time-consuming, expensive trial.

Our team refuses to settle for a lowball offer, though. We continue to fight for fair compensation based on your documented expenses and losses, including non-economic damages. If necessary, our Waterbury, CT, trial lawyers will take the case to court, presenting our case to the judge and jury.

When a case goes to trial, we present our evidence and make a strong argument for why our client deserves a fair payout from the defendant. We show what happened, and work to prove the defendant is responsible for the accident and injuries. The judge and/or jury decide the case, issuing a verdict. If we win the case, they usually award compensation based on the evidence we presented.

You Must Meet Certain Deadlines If You Plan to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Waterbury

You should consider getting started on your case right away, as you’ll need to comply with Connecticut’s statute of limitations. Our personal injury law firm can begin your case as soon as you reach out to us. We’re here to provide legal representation right after your accident.

Per Connecticut General Statutes § 52-584, you typically only have two years to file a personal injury lawsuit based on your Waterbury personal injuries. While civil lawsuits are not always necessary to secure compensation in a personal injury case, we need to protect your right to sue. We must ensure we have a case plan in place and secure a settlement or file the necessary paperwork before this deadline arrives.

There are several benefits to getting an early start on your case. Some evidence does not last. Video of a car accident captured by surveillance cameras at a nearby business might only be available for a few weeks before the company no longer saves the file. Eyewitnesses could become more difficult to identify and interview. If you bring your case to our law firm right away, we have plenty of time to collect evidence.

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Trantolo & Trantolo, LLC, offers personal injury victims the opportunity to discuss their cases with our team for free. During your complimentary consultation, we will determine your legal rights as we assess the details of your case. We can answer your questions and talk about how our team handled similar cases. When you hire our team, we welcome you into our family and fight for your rights.

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