There is no feeling quite like riding your motorcycle in the sunshine! Now is the perfect time to take your bike on a day trip or short spin around town, yet warm weather increases the number of motorists and pedestrians on the roads.

When you’re battling traffic, it’s important to remember motorcycles are less visible to other drivers and have less bodily protection in the event of an accident. Keep the following tips in mind, especially during Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

1. Be Seen

motorcycle riding with trafficCome late fall and throughout winter, motorcycles may not be seen for months. When seasons change from cold and snowy to warm spring days, motorcyclists start to reappear. People in cars are not used to bikes being out and we have to do what we can to be noticed and ride defensively.

For your safety, make eye contact with other motorists before proceeding at a busy intersection. According to the NHTSA, 42 percent of motorcycle accidents are caused by drivers making left-hand turns without ever seeing a bike approaching.

2. Stay Alert

How can you anticipate sudden movements by other motorists? Watch the mirrors of cars and trucks around you for head movements. For example, a quick glance over the left shoulder could tell you a driver is about to move in front of your bike.

3. Leave Space

All motorists have an easier time in traffic with some breathing room. By leaving space between your bike and other vehicles, you give yourself time to anticipate sudden maneuvers or potential hazards ahead, like potholes, loose gravel or oil spills.

4. Ride Smart

Never get lost in another driver’s blind spot! When traffic is idling, position your bike to the left or right of a vehicle’s bumper, rather than dead center. In heavy traffic, some riders may be tempted to lane split but this maneuver is dangerous and illegal in Connecticut.
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