Accidental injuries are rarely expected, but they are often life-altering. Even seemingly minor injuries can create long-term challenges that prevent you from working or performing other daily activities. Recovery can be a long process, with expensive medical treatments that span months or years. For severe injuries like spinal cord injuries or a traumatic brain injury, you may never return to your previous life.

If your injuries occurred because of another person’s negligent or wrongful conduct, you could pursue compensatory damages through a personal injury lawsuit or insurance claim. The Hartford personal injury lawyers at Trantolo & Trantolo, LLC can assist with your legal case when you call us at (844) 999-9999.

Pursuing Compensation After a Hartford Personal Injury Accident

In Connecticut, injury victims can pursue two types of compensation in a Hartford personal injury case— economic and non-economic damages.

Economic Damages You May Be Able to Recover

Economic damages are the tangible losses you suffered because of the accident. Your recoverable economic damages might include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost income and reduced earning capacity
  • Long-term medical treatment
  • Property repair and replacement costs

Non-Economic Damages for Hartford Injury Victims

You can seek compensation to cover your intangible, or non-economic losses. These may include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of life enjoyment
  • Reduced quality of life

Damages you can seek depend on the extent of your injuries and other facts specific to your case. While no personal injury firm can predict the value of your claim, you can rest assured that Trantolo & Trantolo, LLC diligently works to secure fair compensation for accident victims in Hartford.

Personalized Representation From Dedicated Personal Injury Attorneys

Profits are not the motivating factor at Trantolo & Trantolo, LLC. Located in Hartford, Connecticut, we have practiced since 1938 and staunchly believe in equal protection under the law.

Unfortunately, when a corporation or insurance company is involved, legal representation is frequently imbalanced, with one party supported by nearly-endless resources. These entities will do whatever it takes to deny an injured or wronged individual appropriate compensation.

You deserve better after suffering injuries due to another’s negligence. Trantolo & Trantolo, LLC does not side with big business. Instead, our personal injury attorneys fight diligently for those unable to protect themselves.

Reliable Legal Support From an Established Personal Injury Law Firm Serving Hartford

Working with Trantolo & Trantolo, LLC gives you access to decades of experience from a law firm with a track record of success. Over the years, we have successfully negotiated and litigated millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for our injury clients in Hartford and across Connecticut.

If you hire our personal injury law firm, you can expect the following:

Thorough Investigation and Evidence Gathering

High-quality evidence is critical for building a substantial injury case. At Trantolo & Trantolo, LLC, we conduct a meticulous investigation into each accident to discover the cause, determine who was responsible, and establish the total losses you suffered. The evidence we gather to substantiate your claim may include:

  • Medical bills for hospital visits, surgical procedures, outpatient visits, and physical therapy
  • Medical records, including your diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment plan
  • Invoices and receipts for medical devices, prosthetics, assistive equipment, and medication
  • Medical expert testimony about your condition and any long-term impairments
  • Pay stubs, financial statements, and income statements
  • Economic expert testimony to validate your compromised career potential, lost business, or reduced future income
  • Witness statements from individuals who saw your injury accident occur
  • Videos and photos of the accident scene, property damage, and your injuries
  • Any other documentation that can establish causality or prove negligence

When it comes to building a strong personal injury case, Trantolo & Trantolo, LLC’s diligent legal team leaves no stone unturned.

Prompt and Timely Communication

Personal injuries can leave you feeling helpless and frustrated. You may understandably wonder how long your case will take, especially if you are dealing with financial stress due to your injuries.

At Trantolo & Trantolo, LLC, we understand the importance of open communication throughout your case. We keep our injury clients informed about case developments as they occur. In addition, our attentive personal injury lawyers respond to your questions and concerns quickly and thoroughly. We explain the legal process and clarify terminology, so you always know where your case stands.

Aggressive Advocacy and Negotiation

Our skilled personal injury attorneys in Hartford are committed to defending your legal right to fair compensation. We handle all correspondence with the at-fault parties and their insurance company, so you can rest and recover from your injuries.

We are familiar with pushy insurance companies and aggressive corporate lawyers. Our team recognizes the tactics they use to try to reduce liability, and we know how to counter them. We aggressively advocate for appropriate compensation in negotiations and the courtroom.

Personalized Legal Assistance

As soon as you sign a contract with Trantolo & Trantolo, LLC, we begin building a case tailored to your situation. We leverage our extensive experience and resources to pursue monetary compensation for your financial, psychological, and physical injuries. We understand that every injury victim faces unique challenges, and we work closely with you to achieve the best possible resolution for your situation.

Skilled Legal Advocacy on a Contingency-Fee Basis

Because of our dedicated approach, we do not charge you anything upfront. Clients pay nothing until financial compensation is obtained. We aim to make our legal representation accessible, even if you are struggling to pay your medical bills and aren’t currently earning an income.

Let’s win your case TOGETHER

Let’s win your case TOGETHER

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Statute of Limitations for a Connecticut Personal Injury Lawsuit

Time is of the essence in a personal injury case. Connecticut’s statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits is typically two years, per Connecticut General Statutes § 52-584. However, this time frame may differ depending on your case details. It is in your interests to act now to avoid missing your chance to file a lawsuit.

By contacting a personal injury lawyer in Hartford immediately following your accident, you give your attorney ample time to gather evidence and file a personal injury lawsuit within the legal time frame. Reach out to Trantolo & Trantolo, LLC to learn more about how our attorneys can help you.

Our Lawyers Handle All Types of Hartford Personal Injury Cases

Insurance companies and large corporations throw obstructions up to prevent injured individuals from getting the deserved compensation and frequently resort to all kinds of tactics.

We bring tireless tenacity to legal defense. Trantolo & Trantolo, LLC has experience handling the following types of cases:

Car Accidents

Car accidents are often sudden and can result in a range of injuries, from minor to severe. Injuries sustained in car accidents may include whiplash, fractures, head trauma, and internal injuries. The aftermath of a car accident can also lead to long-term complications, such as chronic pain, disability, and emotional distress. Victims may experience psychological effects, including anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident due to another party’s negligence, seek the guidance of Trantolo & Trantolo, LLC’s experienced car accident lawyers.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can result in devastating injuries due to the lack of protection for riders. Injuries from motorcycle accidents may include road rash, fractures, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injuries. The consequences of a motorcycle accident can be severe, leading to long-term disabilities, chronic pain, and emotional trauma. Victims may suffer from anxiety, depression, and PTSD. If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident caused by someone else’s negligence, Trantolo & Trantolo, LLC’s motorcycle accident lawyers are here to provide legal support and pursue the compensation you deserve.

Truck Accidents

Truck accidents often result in catastrophic injuries due to the size and weight of commercial vehicles. Injuries sustained in truck accidents may involve fractures, spinal injuries, traumatic amputations, and severe internal injuries. The aftermath of a truck accident can lead to significant challenges, including long-term disabilities, chronic pain, and emotional trauma. Victims may experience psychological effects such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD. If you or a family member has been a victim of a truck accident caused by negligence, Trantolo & Trantolo, LLC’s truck accident lawyers are committed to advocating for your rights and securing fair compensation.

Dog Bites

Dog bites are highly traumatic and often preventable. They can result in visible scarring and disfigurement on the face, arms, and lower extremities. Dog bite injuries may include lacerations, puncture wounds, broken bones, and soft tissue damage. Victims of dog bites can also suffer from complications such as infection, diseases, and disability. They often report psychological trauma such as anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

If you or a loved one sustained dog bite injuries due to an owner or handler’s negligence, you could seek financial compensation. Trantolo & Trantolo, LLC’s dog bite lawyers are here to help you.

Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents can be deeply distressing and frequently avoidable incidents. These accidents can lead to severe injuries and lasting consequences for victims. Injuries sustained in pedestrian accidents may encompass fractures, head injuries, spinal cord damage, and soft tissue injuries. Additionally, pedestrians involved in accidents may experience secondary complications, such as chronic pain, long-term disabilities, and emotional distress. Psychological effects, including anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), are not uncommon among pedestrian accident victims.

If you or a family member has suffered injuries in a pedestrian accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to pursue compensation. The pedestrian accident lawyers at Trantolo & Trantolo are dedicated to assisting you throughout the legal process.

Nursing Home and Elderly Care Negligence

Approximately 10% of all U.S. individuals over 65 have experienced elder abuse, according to a recent study published in Cureus. Experts suspect that elderly abuse in nursing homes may be more prevalent than reported.

When you place your trust in a nursing home or elderly care staff, you expect quality treatment consistent with industry standards. If a care provider fails in their duty to provide adequate elderly care, victims can suffer severe physical, psychological, and financial losses. Trantolo & Trantolo, LLC’s compassionate nursing home negligence attorneys can offer legal advice and support.

Product Liability

Product liability cases arise when a consumer suffers injuries due to a defective product. All products sold in the U.S. must meet specific standards for safety and utility. If you suffer injuries because a product did not work as intended, instructed, or advertised, you could seek compensation from the responsible party.

Our product liability attorneys can provide a free case review to help you understand your legal rights following an injury due to a consumer product. You can start working with our product liability attorneys today.

Slips and Falls

Slips and falls are a common cause of severe injury, especially in older adults. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that more than 800,000 people are hospitalized annually due to slip and fall injuries.

Many slip and fall injuries occur when a property owner or manager fails to address dangerous conditions on their property. If you suffered a slip and fall due to another party’s negligence, you should not have to pay for the associated losses. Trantolo & Trantolo, LLC’s slip and fall attorneys can help you pursue financial recovery.

Partner With Trantolo & Trantolo, LLC for Help With Your Personal Injury Case

The Hartford personal injury attorneys at Trantolo & Trantolo, LLC believe that all negligent individuals must be held accountable. Whether handling a car accident case or a product liability lawsuit, our staff cares about all clients personally and understands we are helping individuals in need.

Along with fighting your case, we direct you through all stages of the legal process, including planning, negotiation, trial preparation, and litigation. Contact us today at (844) 999-9999 to get started on your case.