As a motorist, you see how large they are as you drive along the highway, but do you realize that the typical semi tractor trailer weighs 80,000 pounds? In comparison, the average passenger vehicle is just 3,000 pounds.

blog-Close-Call-Crash-with-a-Tracto-6433734Because of this difference, accidents involving cars and trucks are severe, resulting in damage and even fatalities. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about 450,000 accidents involving trucks occur per year, with 5,000 leading to deaths. Out of this latter figure, the motorist is killed in 78 percent of all cases. Even if everyone survives, passengers are severely injured in 140,000 out of these instances.

Driving with trucks requires motorists to be aware to the following points:

Changing Lanes

Trucks take far longer to stop and need a greater distance to break. Because of this and the size difference, you should never cut in front of a truck, particularly in traffic.

If you need to pass, make sure you can fully see the truck’s front in your rearview mirror before you change lanes.

Blind Spots

Trucks have very large and long blind spots: from the front, along the sides, and to the back. If you find yourself driving in one of these areas, look for an opportunity to get out of the zone. Or, if you’re stuck for a distance, make sure you can see the truck driver in his mirror; at that point, there’s a good chance he’s able to see you, too.


For you, going around a corner is fairly simple. For a truck driver, he has to contend with getting a longer, bulkier vehicle around that same spot.

Because of this challenge, it’s always a good idea to give the truck driver some room to make that turn – especially if it’s to the right. Finding yourself between the truck and the curb could end up “squeezing” your car and resulting in an accident.

Always Be Alert

All motorists must be alert when traveling on the road, and everyone needs to take extra precautions.

As commercial drivers, truckers often get asked to do long shifts, or to be more efficient, they’ll skip or shorten breaks. There’s potential one of these drivers could already be tired and distracted while traveling from one point to the next. Truckers shouldn’t take this risk; it puts themselves and other motorists in danger.

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