Some thoughtsBy C. Pritchard

This list of suggestions is certainly not original with me, but has been very important to me…along my own way.

1/ Keep life Simple

2/ Decide to Stay Positive…no matter what!

3/Concentrate on TODAY…..there may not be a tomorrow, and yesterday is forever gone.

4/ Decide your Goals and ACT…talk is cheap (and easy)

5/ Critique YOURSELF….not others.

6/ Always be grateful and acknowledge the goodness of others

7/ Stay away from unenthusiastic, judgmental people – they are toxic.

8/ Be a student of life, and be open to learning. Effort is always rewarded with results.

9/ Value people not things.

9/ Be Humble…others have something to teach

10/ Don’t Blame…Your Life is about your decisions. Decide today to be your best.