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When many consider filing for social security disability (SSD), they focus on winning their case. Yet, in certain instances, the Social Security Administration (SSA) outright denies claims. Here are some of the more common:

You Earn Too Much Money

blogSSDThe SSA won’t even consider your claim if you make above $1,090. While they don’t factor in income from investments, working and earning more than this amount show you’re above their limit of “substantial gainful activity.” Essentially, the SSA believes the applicant earns too much to be truly disabled.

However, contrary to popular myth, you can work while applying for and receiving SSD, but your monthly amount cannot exceed the $1,090 figure.

Not a Long-Term or Severe Condition

If your condition clearly appears it won’t last longer than 12 months, your application gets denied. As well, if your impairment doesn’t seem severe enough to cause life-changing limitations, the SSA won’t continue with your application.

You Can’t Be Found

During the application process, the SSA and Disability Determination Services need to set up meetings and telephone calls with you. If you don’t have a phone number, address, or any other way for the organization to easily get a hold of you, your application ends.

You Won’t Provide the Necessary Information

Often, the SSA requests you submit additional information. If you won’t provide it, such as not releasing your medical records, the SSA terminates your application.

You’re Not Following Treatment

On the same note, if a doctor prescribed you treatment to manage your disability and you refuse to follow it, the SSA may decide to deny your application.

However, be aware that not following through on treatment is an acceptable excuse in a handful of instances, such as not having enough funds or receiving conflicting opinions from doctors.

The Injury is Related to a Crime

If your injury is related to a convicted crime, the SSA won’t allow you to apply for benefits. Similarly, if you attempted to get benefits through a fraudulent approach, your application will be denied.

Not Enough Evidence

Perhaps the most obvious, a lack of solid evidence prevents a claim from proceeding to the next step. At this phase, the SSA may either require more evidence or may find your condition isn’t a severely-limiting disability. At this stage, you may choose to appeal and get a lawyer involved.

Your First Claim Was Denied

If you submitted a first claim, only to find it rejected, the best approach to get a better outcome is to file an appeal – not reapply. In fact, when the SSA sees your second application, they’ll remember the initial rejection and deny your application a second time.

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