Our personal injury law firm is dedicated to giving a voice to voiceless victims. When an individual or business needs to be brought to justice for causing injury, we are on your side – the insurance company is not. Insurance companies are out to make a profit and it is their goal to give you the lowest payout possible. We uncover 5 secrets they don’t want you to know about filing your claim.

1. Recorded statements can hurt your claim

Workers compensation claim formInsurance companies go out of their way to have you give them a statement. They do this to help reduce the amount of money they will have to pay on a claim. Before you give a statement, ask an attorney and let him tell you if you should or should not give a statement to an adjuster or insurance agent.

2. Insurance companies know us

Insurance companies know the successful and experienced lawyers and often adjust their settlement based on the reputation of a firm or an attorney. Insurance companies know that our trial attorneys have a reputation for fighting relentlessly on behalf of our client’s best interests to get the best possible settlement or verdict.

3. Tell your doctor about every injury

Documenting the truth about your injuries from the accident is important for you to get a fair award. Even if you have minor neck pain that isn’t as bad your excruciating back pain, it is important to mention all discomfort as a result of your accident.

4. Keep treating until you reach your maximum medical improvement

If you stop receiving the medical treatment your doctor advised to recover from your injuries, the insurance company may call your injury into question. Never exaggerate injuries, but don’t minimize them either.

5. Do not discuss on social media

Do not discuss your accident, injury, treatment or prognosis on any social media sites. A simple comment like “I’m feeling better today,” could very seriously hurt your case and the insurance company is watching for such statements.

Our firm was founded to protect and serve those who were unable to protect themselves. If you’re dealing with a difficult insurance company, contact the attorneys at Trantolo & Trantolo today.