By Chick Pritchard

Getting seriously injured is horrible. I was driving a police car, many years ago, when a sliding truck crossed into my lane and crashed into my vehicle. My life changed in a split second that day, and perhaps your injuries have changed your life too. I know.

Your first obligation as a victim is to get control of your life again, and to get yourself better! If this requires surgery, have the surgery. If this means weeks and weeks of Physical Therapy, do it. If this means having to take medicines and depend on others, do this too. If this means repeated drives and long waits in doctor’s offices, take those drives and wait in those offices, and do it! Healing takes a long time. Be patient in those long days. You owe it to yourself and to those who love you to do your best to get back to your best. It is not easy. I know.

I was in pain for many months. I was depressed too, for a while, especially when I found that I could no longer be a police officer. There were many days when I was frustrated and upset. I was angry, and often got discouraged with the slowness of my recovery and the difficulty and hurt of physical therapy, and the sometimes loneliness of pain. Please do not give up on your healing, or yourself. There are new chapters to your life that need to be written. I know.

Accept no invitations to the Pity Party. Stop and look and listen to your world. There is so much goodness all around, and so much that is not. Know that you have been called to be your best, and let nothing stand in your way, including your injury and pain. Do not let drama be a part of your day, or self- pity, or negativity. These realities can become bad habits of thought, and behavior. I know.

Surround yourself with happy people and you will smile again. Replace those who are ungrateful in your life, with those who are. They will help you heal. Distance yourself from selfish people. They are not concerned about you. Our lives are too short to be anything but happy, even in the midst of personal injury. I know.

You have hired a law firm dedicated to being the very best. You concentrate on getting better! They will do an outstanding job of taking care of everything else. You can count on them. They will take care of you. Paramedics save lives. Trantolo and Trantolo saves futures. I know.

Be Well,

Chick Pritchard