The augmented reality game Pokémon GO was officially released on July 6, 2016. Since then, the world has seemingly been consumed with capturing characters using their smartphones. For those unfamiliar, Pokémon GO is an app that uses your phone’s GPS and camera to make Pokémon characters appear on your screen in various locations. Players have been traveling all over to the collect Pokémon and train them for battle in the game. While those who play do enjoy the game, it also poses several safety risks. Consider the following points before downloading the app.


distracted woman playing on her phone in the roadWhether you’re driving, walking, cycling or skateboarding, playing Pokémon GO takes your focus off of your surroundings. Players have been seen walking into lampposts, losing control of their bikes, falling off skateboards and causing car accidents. While many people have taken to social media to share their minor injuries from playing the game, safety should remain a top concern for those considering the app. There have been a handful of more serious cases, such as players falling off of cliffs, that are bound to become more common.


People of all ages have been seen playing Pokémon GO. It is nostalgic for older individuals and something new for the younger generations. While out playing, you’ll likely come across someone else in search of the same characters. In this situation, you might make a new friend or find yourself in danger. Everyone, especially children, should be cautious about interacting with strangers. This game has been known to lure players into dangerous circumstances. In fact, the first death associated with Pokémon GO was reported in Guatemala after a teen was shot for breaking into a home.

Heat Stroke

Another important factor to keep in mind this time of year is the hot summer weather. When you’re out in the elements running around, you put your body at risk for heat stroke. As some consider catching Pokémon a form of exercise, keep yourself hydrated like you would before, during and after a workout.

As a personal injury law firm, we are serious about individual safety. We will continue to follow the progression of the Pokémon GO trend and encourage you to contact us if you find yourself the victim of another player’s carelessness.