By Chick Pritchard

You probably already know this, but insurance company lawyers are stalking personal injury clients on Facebook and other social media sites, like YouTube and Twitter. Unless your privacy settings are controlled very strictly, please know that your photos and comments are able to be viewed by the world. That world includes insurance companies who do not want to pay you what justice demands, for the damages that you are experiencing. They are about making money, and we are about protecting you, so beware of Stalkers.

Please remember that the most innocent photographs or comments can be taken out of context. Please know that an innocent, social comment like “I’m fine” on Facebook could be twisted to indicate that you are not hurt or in pain. Many attorneys, representing the financial interests of insurance companies, will not hesitate to use any photo or comment to lessen the amount that justice demands their company pay you for your pain and suffering.

The reality of social media has certainly changed life as we once knew it. Our lives can become part of the World Wide Web in mere seconds. Pictures and words can be viewed, reviewed, interpreted, and misinterpreted in the snap of a finger. Remember that perception becomes reality, even if it is not a correct perception! Insurance company lawyers are walking through the pages of your internet world. You have been injured by someone else. You are a victim. Remember, their attorneys might be watching you. Don’t be victimized twice! They are about making money. We are about helping you. Beware of Stalkers.