You are driving down the road. It is a beautiful winter day, and all is well in your world. The weather is cold and there is a crisp coolness reflected off the recent snow. The radio is on your favorite station and thoughts go to later in the day, when the kids will be home from ice skating, and maybe there will be time for some hot chocolate. Suddenly, in a second, reality changes.

You’ve Been In An Accident

hands intertwinedIn the split moment of a deafening crash, your car has been struck by a skidding pickup truck, travelling too fast for the slippery roadway. You feel the air bag crash against you and somehow you know that you are hurt. You see blood and, in what seems slow motion, you eventually hear paramedics and sirens, and you feel pain as they lift you from the car.

What Should You Do Now?

You know you need a law firm. You call Trantolo & Trantolo because you have heard from your neighbor, one of our former clients, that we will work hard for you, that our whole staff is dedicated to being the best that we can possibly be, and that many of us have had the experience of personal injury and loss.

We listen with our hearts to people who need us. You will discover that we have a road map of “best practices,” which helps us to consistently get outstanding results in court or at the bargaining table. We will return your calls within 24 hours. Our staff will keep you informed, and we will we ask that you do the same.

We Are Here For You

We will visit you in the hospital if your serious injuries require this. You will meet your paralegal and find that she cares deeply about you as a person and as a client. You will discover that your attorney is a member of what some consider the finest legal team in the state, who take pride in their profession and their success for our clients. You will find that he does not view the practice of law as a job, but as a calling, sacred because he knows we are all helping you.

We know that paramedics save lives. We believe we are honored to save futures. Get better! That is all you need to do. We will take care of everything else. If we can help, please contact us today.