On October 31, 2017, the Hartford Courant reported that six nursing homes have been fined by the state of Connecticut for sexual abuse and lapses in care that resulted in serious injury. Nursing homes in Greenwich, Hartford, Old Saybrook, Manchester, Meriden and Naugatuck face fines between $1,530 and $1,940.

Connecticut Nursing Homes Charged for Neglect

elderly hand on a caneWhen you put your trust in a nursing facility to take care of your loved one in his or her older years, you expect that trust to be honored. However, several nursing homes in our state have failed to treat their residents with the respect and attention they deserve, resulting in fines from the Connecticut Department of Public Health.

The Nathaniel Witherell

This nursing home in Greenwich – with the highest fine of $1,940 – has been cited for two violations that occurred in March and September of this year. The earlier incident involved a dementia patient who experienced a fall, resulting in a broken collarbone and hip, when a nurse aide left him unattended in the bathroom.

On September 22, another resident was hospitalized for dehydration and severe kidney failure. Although he should have been closely monitored for hypertension, the nursing home staff missed all the warning signs.

Chelsea Place Care Center

This Hartford nursing home was fined $1,920 for a February incident involving a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) who punched a resident suffering from bipolar disorder. The resident was discharged to another facility and the LPN rightfully terminated from the nursing home.

Apple Rehab Saybrook

Located in Old Saybrook, this Apple Rehab location must pay $1,750 after a resident fell on the way to the bathroom. At serious risk for falls, the resident should have been assisted by a gait belt – a device for transfer – but the nurse aide failed to follow this known policy.

Westside Care Center

On February 26, an employee at this Manchester nursing home offered illegal drugs to a resident in exchange for sexual favors. Further, he tried to obtain the resident’s mobile phone number and made a lewd gesture. The nurse aide was suspended and ultimately fired after an investigation.

Connecticut Baptist Homes

Located in Meriden, this nursing facility has been fined for two separate instances that occurred over the summer. First, a resident with dementia sustained a leg laceration from the bracket on a wheelchair when a nurse aide attempted to move the resident without help.

A couple months later, two aides improperly moved a resident from a wheelchair to bed. Lifting under the armpits and by the legs put the resident at risk for shoulder dislocation and nerve damage.

Beacon Brooke Health Center

The incident in question at this Naugatuck facility involved a resident, rather than an employee, who was acting inappropriately towards another resident. After making sexual gestures on three occasions, the resident was discharged.
If your loved one is a resident at any of these cited facilities or you suspect abuse at another nursing home, let us help you take action. Call our team of Connecticut nursing home negligence attorneys to start an investigation into allegations of neglect.