Over the past month, the state Department of Health fined multiple Connecticut nursing homes for deaths stemming from improper emergency response to negligence resulting in injuries like broken bones and bed sores.

Reported by the Connecticut Post, Bridgeport Manor was fined over $1,000 for a death on October 6th. This patient, a woman admitted on September 21st with throat cancer, was found with her tracheostomy tube out of place. However, over the period of time that followed, a nurse did not call a “stat” emergency for 20 minutes, aides left the resident twice, and the RN supervisor didn’t call 911 quick enough. Instead, staff members attempted to insert the tube and perform CPR, while, 30 minutes after the incident, a nurse called the doctor, who instructed her to call 911. The patient, as a result, died from cardiac arrest.

Since this incident, the home has re-trained its staff on emergency response procedures.

In a similar incident, the New Haven Register reported that Arden Home Rehabilitation & Nursing Center in Hamden was fined $1,650 after a resident died from bleeding on the brain on August 26th.

Two days prior, the resident, a patient with dementia, was found on the floor but had seemingly normal neurological signs. While the patient refused to be tested, he or she later did not wake up and was promptly sent to the hospital. There, a doctor diagnosed her with an acute subdural hematoma. However, the Department of Health later found that the home’s LPN should have contacted the RN when the patient didn’t respond.

The Hamden home was fined for additional incidents concerning a resident’s broken hip, a patient leaving the facility, and workers not washing or changing a resident’s clothes.

While these two cases stand out, other homes received citations over negligence, such as pressure ulcers and cuts, delayed treatment, and not adequately using transport devices. Those listed are Salmon Brook Center in Glastonbury, Cherry Brook Health Care Center in Canton, Chesterfields Health Care Center in Chester, Apple Rehab Coccomo in Meriden, and West Hartford Health & Rehabilitation Center.

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