Stay Safe On the Roads This Fall

Chick PritchardI am a retired police officer. On a rainy fall day in 1999, I was almost killed when a large, oncoming truck crossed into my lane and crashed into my police car head-on. This was no accident; this collision was the result of a driver’s decision to not pay attention.

The summer days give way to the crisp mornings of another school year. We look back to the last months of cookouts and ball games, as well as the aftermath of a hurricane called Irene, and recall how we all stood together in our care and concern. Let’s all approach this new school year with a decision to be safe by making good decisions for ourselves and insisting that our young drivers do too.

I remember seeing the large truck sliding towards my cruiser. I remember seeing the driver’s face as he screamed prior to the collision. I remember the smoke from the engine block and the terror of the thought of being burned alive. I remember being lifted from the police car, in so much pain I could not even speak. I remember it all. It was no accident. A driver decided to not pay attention.

As we all continue to drive into this fall season, let’s all dedicate ourselves to paying attention on the leaf-filled, wet and sometimes darkening roads, for our children and ourselves.

 – Chick Pritchard, Director of Communications