When we use drugs prescribed by doctors, we take for granted that they will help us get over an illness or improve some negative medical condition which we are experiencing. Sometimes though, prescribed medicines we take to make us better have serious negative side effects. You need to know what these are.

A great deal goes into the development of drugs. There are stringent tests done to make sure there are no harmful side effects. There is an approval process done by the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which may in fact approve a drug, as long as the negative side effects do not happen too often.

Sometimes it is found, through tragic experience, that a drug may cause more problems than the benefits that were promised and hoped for recovery.

Consumer Information

doctor pouring pills into handConsumers need to know that, just because a drug is FDA approved, sometimes that does not mean that it is absolutely safe. When this happens, often manufacturers will recall the drug because of these negative side effects. Click here for more information on safety recalls.

However, this does not always happen and sometimes dangerous and defective drugs are allowed to stay on the market, causing terrible effects on unsuspecting consumers.

Sometimes, the FDA may approve drugs when their benefits outweigh their risks. Negative side effects might include nausea and drowsiness, internal bleeding and even death. You need to know this.

For some drug manufacturers, profit is more important than people. Sometimes, tragically, someone hoping to be helped is hurt. Sometimes people die. Be aware of the side effects of your prescriptions. Be an informed consumer. Speak with your doctor.
“Sometimes” is not an option. If you or a loved one has been hurt by the dangerous side effects of a prescription drug, contact Trantolo & Trantolo. Let Our Family, Help Your Family.

By: Chick Pritchard