Trial Attorney Albert Carocci recently secured a $1,000,000 settlement for a motorcycle client after a collision with an Amazon delivery van. With assistance from Paralegal Monica Tuscano, Attorney Carocci was able to recover the compensation our client deserved for the long-term effects of his life-altering injuries.

Growing Number of Collisions with Amazon Vans

Our client was struck and ejected from his motorcycle after an Amazon driver, attempting to take a left hand turn, failed to yield. As a result, our client sustained serious injuries requiring hospitalization, numerous surgeries and permanent injuries. However, Amazon has found a way to avoid liability for any crashes with Amazon-branded vans.

Client with Attorneys Carocci and TrantoloAttorney Carocci warns that Amazon vehicles covered with Amazon Prime ads and logos may not be owned by Amazon.

“They’re leased through a leasing company. Even the independent contractor in this case, Atlantic Courier Service, they didn’t own the vehicles. You can’t sue the leasing company due to the Graves Amendment, so you’re left with hoping that the independent contractors carry enough insurance,” he says.

According to a New York Times article, Amazon requires 999 out of 1,000 deliveries to arrive on time. Yet this promise of speedy delivery comes at a price that puts public safety at risk.

Serious Injuries Caused by the Collision

Our client was able to exhaust a $1 million insurance policy due to the injuries sustained in the crash. According to the complaint, he experienced “multiple rib fractures, transverse fracture of right tibia; comminuted fracture of fibula; non-displaced fracture of T1 and T2; bilateral pneumothoraces; avulsion fracture of the femoral condyle; avulsion fracture of the patella; lipohemarthrosis of the knee; edema/hematoma of the calf; lacerations; depression; anxiety; sleeplessness, bruises and headaches”.

Attorney Carocci said this settlement will help his client continue on the road to recovery, but other lawyers need to be aware of how to handle Amazon vehicle collision cases.

I just want to stress to all the trial attorneys out there that the Amazon vehicles that you see out there, especially the Amazon vans, are not either owned or operated by Amazon, they’re owned and operated by independent contractors insurance. You have to hope they carry enough insurance.

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