In other August times that seem so long ago now, summer fun was at its peak and memories were being wonderfully made every day of the month. We looked forward to the warm sands and the cooling waters of some crowded beach, maybe Old Lyme or Sound View, Misquamicut or the white sands of Ocean Beach.

Ice cream stands all over the state called to us with their crazy flavors and refreshing tastes. Some of us might have had the chance to buy some peanuts and cracker jacks as we enjoyed a favorite baseball team, maybe with a delicious hot dog with all the fixings and a refreshing cold drink. Those days seem so long gone now, as we all face the reality of a global pandemic and virus called COVID-19.

What You Need to Know

young boy learning onlineAugust was once a time when our children and grandchildren began the rituals of going back to school, including some new clothes and school supplies. Not so this August.

This year, Connecticut school children face options in their learning styles. We here at Trantolo & Trantolo share your concerns, as we also face these difficult times with our children and grandchildren.

Whatever your choice, let’s all make sure that our kids are kept safe learning at home or school.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released a checklist to help parents make this year’s challenging school decision.

Access this resource to compare virtual learning to school-based services and which might be more beneficial for your family.

Click for CDC Checklist

Coronavirus Pandemic

This Corona is not a cold beer, but a deadly disease that threatens each one of us and those we love. As I shared with a friend recently, while walking masked and socially distanced on a sunny Saturday afternoon in Elizabeth Park in Hartford, our new normal is now totally abnormal.

As if dealing with the reality of being injured were not enough, now we also face the stress of keeping our kids safe, as well as getting ourselves to our maximum medical improvement, as we all try to adjust to these terrible times.

A new report by the National Academy of Pediatrics indicates that just over 97,000 children in the U.S. tested positive for the Coronavirus from July 16th to July 30th. Dr. Anthony Fauci, a leading expert on this disease, shared recently: “I feel strongly that we need to do whatever we can to get the children back to school.”

We know that each school is different and that no one-size-fits-all solution will be appropriate. Physical and mental health are the most important realities as we face these difficult times.

Adequate safety precautions are in place and able to be enforced if our children are going back to the classroom. If they study from home, know their educational and social needs are being met adequately online.

You also need to know that we are here for you. Although apart, we are together.

 – Chick Pritchard, Director of Communications