Article By: Chick Pritchard
Director of Communications

Once upon a time, a police officer was riding back to his station after a 12-hour shift. It was close to 7pm, the end of a long and hot day. As he rode down a busy street on his motorcycle, he noticed another motorcycle approaching from the opposite direction, at a high rate of speed. The policeman made a U-turn, activated his lights and siren, and pulled the speeding motorcyclist over.

The rider was a young man, who explained that he was riding a new bike and it was more powerful than the one he had previously owned. He was wearing leathers and it was obvious from his conversation, and his driver’s license, that he had been riding motorcycles for a while. He was close to home and the officer shared with him the importance of slowing down. He also shared a verbal warning with the young man, about slowing down. Both said good night and rode their motorcycles away in opposite directions.

They would meet again, about 10 minutes later. The rider had lost control of his bike on a curve and crashed into a tree, about 40 feet off of the roadway. The policeman was dispatched to the scene, for an accident with injuries. Motorcycle parts were scattered across the road. A white sneaker was hanging from a branch. The motorcyclist would later die.

The police officer was me. Let’s all remember, speed kills!

Motorcycle Safety Tips

What can riders do to share the road more safely? Check out these motorcycle riding safety tips.

Get Comfortable With Your Bike

It may have been many months since you have been on your motorcycle, so it’s important to remind yourself how it feels to ride.

Check Your Motorcycle

Spring time is the perfect time to make sure your bike is in perfect condition for a ride. Check the pressure and depth of your tires, turn signals, hand and foot brakes, as well as your fluid levels before departing. After that, a quick look to ensure nothing is leaking and you are ready to ride!

For Car Drivers

What can drivers do to share the road more safely? Check out these safety tips for drivers.

Beware Blind Spots

Motorcycles are smaller than cars, so they can be more difficult to see when turning or switching lanes. Be sure to make a visual check and use your mirrors when turning or merging into another lane.

Be Careful at Intersections

Thousands of motorcycle accidents happen because the car driver made a turn at an intersection, without seeing the oncoming motorcycle. Remember to give the right of way to all oncoming vehicles and turn only when safe.

Don’t Drive Distracted

Many motorcycle riders have been killed or seriously injured because someone had to text “lol” while approaching a stopped line of traffic.
A word to the wise for all drivers: DO NOT DRINK & DRIVE!