In March, we face many realities: Our long winter days begin the transition into warmer times, the roads are less often covered with ice and snow, and Daylight Saving Time is on its way. Many enjoy corned beef and cabbage in observance of St. Patrick’s Day and sports followers stay tuned into the NCAA basketball tournaments. However, the real “March Madness” is not about sports. It’s about the foolishness that we are ever really in “Good Hands” when dealing with any insurance company after a personal injury experience.

3 Insurance Company Advantages

concerned senior couple looking at medical billsThe average insurance company has 3 fantastic advantages over the average personal injury victim:

  1. They are not hurt.
  2. They are not hurting for money.
  3. They are not hurting with regards to their futures.

Ask any insurance adjuster these 3 simple questions. Their answers will show you that you are not “on your side” or treating you like a “good neighbor”:

  1. Will you put in writing the accident was not my fault?
  2. Will you give me a copy of your insured’s insurance policy?
  3. Will you give me a copy of witness statements?

The real “madness” in all of this is the huge profits insurance companies make at our expense. We advise clients to keep treating until they get better, despite the inconvenience or difficulty of this dedication. Unlike these insurance companies, we really do care. Paramedics save lives…We save futures.