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Chick Pritchard

Chick Pritchard, Director of Communications

Once upon another November, I was almost killed in a car crash. I will never call my experience an “accident”. Another driver decided to drive too fast for the conditions on a wet November day. As a result of that decision, his large truck slid from his oncoming lane into my car and almost killed me.

I learned a lot from that experience; here are some of my insights.

1. Do Not Give Up

You may face surgery, months of pain and physical therapy. Some days it will seem so much easier to just say, “I hurt too much!” Please do not give in to self-pity. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to get back to your former self. I know…it can be hard and I wanted to give up, too.

2. Do Not Give In

Continue treating, even when you don’t feel like going to the doctor or it’s inconvenient. “MMI” means maximum medical improvement – that is your goal. Keep all of your medical appointments, even in pain or when you are discouraged. I know…I wanted to give in, too.

3. Do Not Isolate Yourself

We all need each other. When we have been injured, we really need to reach out to family, friends and sometimes even strangers. You cannot go through the experience of personal injury alone. I know…I wanted to isolate myself, too.

4. Do Not Be a Stranger

Communicate with the professionals you are working with. The doctors will keep you informed of your medical progress and attorneys will keep you updated regarding your case. You also have to keep them informed of how you are doing and feeling. Keep a diary, so you can be accurate and able to share. I know…I wanted to stop the regular calls to professionals, too.

5. Do Not Look Back

There is nothing you can do about what happened to you; you cannot change the past. Concentrate on the present tense; each moment is precious. Make the most of it; your injury is a chapter in your life, not the whole book. Have hope about tomorrow and decide to smile, no matter what. I know…I shed a lot of tears, too.

 – Chick Pritchard, Director of Communications