There are so many authors who specialize in scary, creepy stories that become more frightening as we move towards Halloween costumes and trick-or-treat evenings. Steven King writes about other worldly powers and perverse cowboys who fight demons and werewolves. Edgar Allen Poe causes us to dread the night as he conjures fear from the darkest closets of our minds. We cannot forget Bram Stoker, who wrote one of the greatest stories ever, of a monster called Dracula.

Beware Insurance Adjusters

Jack-o-LanternThere are other authors who do even more frightening things for real, every day. They are insurance adjusters, whose stories depend on an injured person being made a victim again. Their scary story endings are that the insurance companies turn out to be more concerned about profit than people, and that they really have no good hands to protect us.

We remind all of our injured clients, please keep treating until your doctor says you have reached maximum medical improvement, even if this is inconvenient or, at times, difficult. We want your story to end happily ever after.

One of the most frightening experiences anyone of us can ever have is the experience of being hurt in a motor vehicle crash. We know that paramedics save the lives of many of our clients. We also take great pride in the fact that our lawyers and paralegals save their futures, every day. If you have been injured, contact our car accident lawyers today.