April is often a time of cloudy days and rainy nights. Our colder days are slowly getting warmer, and day light is finally lasting longer. If we look closely, the flowers are slowly beginning to bud, as promises of May flowers begin. This is also the time for bicycle riding. We want bicyclists to be safe on the roads and make sure their kids and grandchildren are too.

What Should You Remember?

seniors biking with their grandchildren

  1. When bicycling, please wear brightly colored clothing. It’s important that motor vehicles can see you.
  2. Have lights and reflectors on your bicycle. Again, visibility is critical to your safety when riding a bicycle.
  3. Did you know that each year, approximately 300,000 people go to the hospital because of bicycle riding injuries? 100,000 of these will require hospitalization and most of fatalities will involve a head injury.
  4. About two-thirds of serious bicycle crashes occur at intersections; let’s all be mindful of that.

April is an awesome time for outdoor fun. Long walks and quiet talks along the way are awesome moments for great memories. Let’s all make sure this month is very safe for each one of us and our families.