Dear Santa,

Dear Santa listOur holiday wish list is really important. We know how very busy you are, but please read carefully and even share some of our wishes with your elves.

  1. Please help each and every one of our clients know how very important they are. The greatest gift each one of them can get this Holiday Season is to realize their own precious value to themselves, to their families, and to each one of us.
  2. To those who are discouraged right now, please give them hope. We have walked in their shoes; some of us very personally, through our own injuries.
  3. To those who may be sad, could you please trade the cookies being left for you for some smiles? Remind them what all your reindeer know: There are always rainbows after storms and the darkest of nights is always followed by the blessing of a new day’s light.
  4. To those who are healing, please help them to be patient and not give up. They need to keep treating to get as healthy as they can possibly be. Give them the gift of faith…help them believe in possibility.
  5. To those who are worried about all their tomorrows because of the sadness in their yesterdays and their own personal injuries, please give them hope. Help them know that love is real and there are people who really do care. Let them know they are not alone. Each of us has walked in our own darkness and we are here for them.
  6. To those who are confused…because of the complexities of the turns, hills and valleys of the legal and medical roadways, please bring quiet to their concerns. Let them know we have walked those same paths for over 80 years, with clients before them. They will not walk alone and they will not get lost.
  7. To those who are angry, bring them forgiveness. Personal injury changes lives and dreams, sometimes in a split and crashing second. Let them know there are new chapters to be written in their lives and new dreams to welcome tomorrow.
  8. To those who are discouraged, their feelings are OK…even in the quiet music of our own silent nights. Bring them the gift of compassion and let them know that the more they care for others, the less the ties of frustration will bind them.
  9. To those who are alone, please let them know that each one of us is here for them. We truly are a family and we want them to know that we care personally for each client. They are not case numbers for any one of us. They are valued friends.
  10. Finally Santa, help each one of us here at T&T realize how very blessed we are, with lives brightened by the precious presence of our families, our co-workers, our friends and our clients. Give us the gift of being the best that we can be, for all whose lives we touch, wrapped in the bright ribbons of love and care, and sometimes forgiveness too. And don’t forget…lots and lots of smiles.

Your Friends at T&T