The crowds of summer have started thinning, while the leaves on the trees begin changing colors and falling to the ground. Autumn makes terrific riding weather, but the colder temperatures and leaves introduce a new set of hazards for motorcycle riders:


motorcycleFallDrivers, both of cars and motorcycles, find themselves easily distracted by the colors. Yet, especially after a storm, these seemingly-innocuous leaves become wet and slick. A motorcycle rider not focusing easily loses concentration and may find his or her vehicle sliding about. The slick surface further reduces traction, making it harder to stop.

Additionally, even when they’re not wet, leaves covering the ground obscure potholes and other hazards. It’s advised that, when you see dry leaves blanketing a road, you drive slowly.

Deer Season

Fall marks the start of mating season, while hunting grows in popularity this time of year. The combination pushes more animals closer to the road – and near the path of a motorcyclist.

What can a biker do? Understand that you’ll encounter deer at some point, so always be alert to your surroundings, especially if you’re riding through rural areas. These animals tend to be the most active around dusk and dawn and are more likely found close to the road’s shoulder.

Colder Temperatures

Temperatures dropping means two things to bikers: Expect frost in the early mornings and sharp coldness at night.

How can you prepare? As frost may be found on bridges and other elevated surfaces, avoid them or drive carefully, as you may lose traction.

In the evenings, be ready with your set of cold riding gear, if not additionally your rain gear. In either instance, you’ll be able to layer and remain comfortable for the weather ahead.

Darker Conditions

Daylight Savings ends in November. Seeing the sun set before 5 p.m. means you’ll need to be ready for the roads as you come home from work or travel in the evenings.

To stay safe, make sure your bike’s lights are in good working condition. For additional visibility, consider wearing gear with reflective strips.


Fewer cars on the road appear as a benefit: There’s more space to travel and ride without having to worry about accidents.

However, a downside exists. That is, the fewer motorists out there, the lesser the chances drivers are expecting you. As a result, keep yourself clearly visible to stay safe, and always follow the rules of the road.

But even safe drivers get into motorcycle accidents. Should that happen, Trantolo & Trantolo’s experienced bike lawyers are here to help. Contact our team to present your claim.