It’s finally time to take your motorcycle out of storage and go for a ride. However, you can’t just throw off the cover, roll it out of the garage and head out on the road. While you likely winterized your vehicle back in November, it still needs to be inspected and possibly have some maintenance done before you go for a ride.

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The Fuel

If you put a stabilizer in back when you winterized your motorcycle, the fuel should be fine. If not, check for buildup and stratification. If you see anything at all, your system isn’t clean so drain the tank, fuel lines and carburetor before you run the engine.

Even if the fuel is clean, it could still be low. Check the level and the filter, which might have been degraded with oil during the long winter months.

The Battery

If you used a continuous charger when your motorcycle was in storage, your battery should be ready to go. If not, first determine if it still holds a charge and then check for corrosion.


Before you go out on the road, you want everything topped off and free of leaks. Make sure to check fluids for the clutch, brake and coolant.


Did you keep your bike propped up in storage? Long-term pressure on the tires may lead to stress marks, cracks, rot, punctures and flat spots, so check your tires for wear and replace as necessary.

The Vehicle

Your ride needs to be in one piece to get from point A to point B so check and fix:

  • Loose bolts
  • Brakes
  • Lights

After, wax, wash and detail the bike so that its exterior is protected from the elements.

How Well It Rides

You already have a day-long journey planned out in your head, but will your bike be able to take you that far? To make sure, go for a short ride around the block after all maintenance is completed to be certain everything works properly.

Road Conditions

After the winter season ends, construction begins to correct the impact that snow and ice had on the roads. During the process of filling potholes and repaving, road conditions become dangerous for all motorists, but especially motorcyclists. The uneven surfaces and loose gravel present a hazard to those only driving on two wheels because a rider could easily lose control due to loss of road grip. Milling specifically causes instability, which could lead to a serious crash. It is important to ride slowly through these areas and dress appropriately to protect your body, in case an accident does occur.

Keeping a well-maintained ride is one key factor of avoiding accidents, but collisions can and do happen, even to the best motorcyclists. If you’ve found yourself in this situation, count on the staff at Trantolo & Trantolo. We’re not just lawyers – several members of our staff also ride and understand the specifics of the vehicle and its operation. To bring a claim to our attention, contact any of our locations today.