Motorcycle season is in full swing, which means more and more riders are cruising our Connecticut roadways. As riders ourselves, we understand the dangers of being on a bike versus in a vehicle. In the event of a crash, we are more exposed than drivers protected by the structure of a car. Even if you do everything right as a rider, it’s important to know the proper way to fall. How can you protect your body if involved in an accident?

Exploring Different Methods

There are many theories about the “right way” to position your body when falling off a motorcycle or bicycle. In any case, it is essential not to try and break the fall with your hands. If your hands hit the ground while your body is still moving, you could experience road rash as well as a broken wrist or fingers. In the event of an accident, a rider only has a couple seconds to react. A common option is to slide into your fall, but avoid a clumsy tumble where your limbs are left vulnerable.

For more experienced riders, the tuck and roll method is another way to protect your organs and limbs from serious damage. However, it is important to note what we mean by tuck and roll. Consider these points:

  • Position yourself in a controlled roll. Think of yourself as a child rolling down the big neighborhood hill. Relax your body, rather than tense up.
  • Slightly bend your elbows and place your hands over your head.

Wear Protective Gear

Many motorcyclists use the acronym AGATT: All Gear All the Time. It is a rider’s choice whether to wear a helmet, but we believe that long sleeves, long pants, leather gloves and riding boots are essential to protect against road rash. If you are thrown from your bike, injuries could be exacerbated if you’re not wearing the proper footwear.

In general, eye and face protection make our rides more comfortable. Hot and cold weather, strong winds, light rain and debris can prevent us from seeing the road properly. A face shield or goggles help keep our vision intact, so we can see an oncoming vehicle that may not see us. Finally, bright and reflective clothing makes us more visible to other motorists.

We are Connecticut’s motorcycle attorneys. Our firm believes in protecting the rights of riders and increasing roadway safety for all motorists. If you were injured in a crash by a careless driver, let us help you win the compensation and peace of mind you deserve. Contact our motorcycle accident lawyers today to pursue your claim.