With the riding season well underway, some big events in Connecticut are getting closer. While many of us have been riding for years, there are new motorcyclists on the road every day. Some are just learning the rules of the road when riding a motorcycle and may not have the same level of experience that other participants in big events have. Those who have more experience can still benefit from practicing safe riding techniques while also setting a good example for others at the same time. The purpose of these large riding events is to have fun and create memories with other people who enjoy motorcycles as much as you do. No one wants the day to be transformed into anything less than that if someone were to cause an accident. Therefore, it is important to keep these precautions in mind to help ensure that everyone has a great time and a safe riding environment:


Maintain a Safe Distance

Riders can use their discretion to determine an appropriate distance to keep between themselves and other riders, but a general rule is to allow twice as much space as you would for a car. Motorcycles can stop much faster than other motor vehicles, so keep as much distance as you can without losing speed with the other riders. Try to keep a two-second stagger and avoid changing lanes, speeding up or slowing down.

Remain In One Lane

During an event with a large number of riders on the road, it is important not to switch lanes unless absolutely necessary. A sudden lane change among hundreds of riders could cause sudden braking, potentially leading to a multiple bike pile-up. If you keep pace with the other riders and stay in one lane for the duration of the ride, there will be less of a chance someone gets injured.

Stay Hydrated

Prior to a big ride, be sure to drink plenty of fluids to avoid becoming dehydrated. Cold water, or beverages with electrolytes like Gatorade, will keep your body hydrated in hot conditions. Even if the temperature is mild, your riding gear and the heat from your bike can make it feel like the air is many degrees warmer. If at any time during the ride you feel thirsty or dizzy, safely pull over to the side until you feel well enough to continue.

Also remember to use the restroom prior to leaving because you will be unable to pull out of the line to use the facilities.

Remember, these rides tend to be long distances and can be very intense for an inexperienced rider. If you are participating in a motorcycle event for the first time, get as much practice on the road as you can to ensure that you can keep pace with the more experienced riders.