It’s summer, but don’t let the gorgeous weather fool you. For motorcyclists, July is the most dangerous month.

Earlier, Progressive Insurance released some statistics that accident-related claims increase in July. Warm weather is a contributing factor – after all, who doesn’t want to go out and ride? But the weather also brings out other motorists, and the congestion, plus distracted driving, pushes the number of motorcycle-related claims up 78 percent.


So why this increase? A number of factors come into play:

  1. More motorcyclists, as well as car and truck drivers, come out for the weather to go for a drive.
  2. Drivers don’t always see bikers – especially when the motorcyclist rides in a blind spot.
  3. Drivers, in general, go too fast on the roads and aren’t fully alert.
  4. Roads are still damaged from winter. As a result, potholes may be present.
  5. Overall, motorcycle riders are six times as likely to be injured in a collision than a car driver is.

Along with these factors, motorcycle accidents seem to be on the rise; in 2014, for instance, there were more single-vehicle claims for motorcycles than for all other types.

What can you do? Rather than stay off the roads completely, practice safe driving for summer weather. This includes:

  • Always wear protective clothing, including a helmet. While not required by law in all states, helmets are often a life-saving factor in multi-vehicle collisions.
  • Wear bright colors, so other motorists can clearly see you.
  • Stay off the road during peak hours. Saturdays tend to be the busiest, as are holidays.
  • Always look at what’s ahead and know how to react to it.
  • Know how long you and other vehicles need to slow down. For cars at 60 miles per hour, this is about 24 seconds.
  • Always give yourself distance between yourself and other drivers.
  • Know your surroundings, especially at intersections, in wooded areas, and places where you might spot animals.
  • Know when you’re in someone else’s blind spot.

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