According to figures from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, alcohol-related crashes result in $37 billion worth of damage annually. For motorists, dealing with a drunk driver can be a harrowing experience and knowing how to handle the situation can be the difference between safety and an accident.

1. Look for the Signsdrunk driver

Drunk drivers are typically on the roads at night, with holidays being a prime time to encounter them. Unsure if another motorist might be drunk behind the wheel? The following signs indicate you’re dealing with this type of individual:

  • Fast acceleration or braking
  • Tailgating other motorists
  • Weaving or drifting in between lanes
  • Not driving in a lane designated for vehicles
  • Nearly hitting curbs, cars or other objects
  • No or inconsistent signaling
  • Slow responses
  • Driving on the line, rather than in a lane
  • Headlights aren’t on
  • Driving at a very slow speed
  • Sudden or illegal turns
  • Driving on the wrong side of the road or against the traffic direction

2. How to Respond

Once you notice a combination of the above signs, make sure you:

  1. Give yourself enough distance from the other vehicle – keep them far ahead.
  2. Never attempt to pass the drunk driver.
  3. Don’t signal for the drunk driver to pull over.
  4. If possible, make a mental note of the driver’s license plate, car make and model, but don’t compromise your safety to get this information.
  5. When safe, pull over and call 911. Prepare to give a law enforcement official the exact location of the vehicle, including the intersection, and the direction the car is traveling.

Drunk driving is the cause of many accidents and fatalities behind the wheel. While you might not be at fault, surviving one of these ordeals eventually leads to an unsympathetic insurance company that refuses to compensate you adequately for your injuries, pain and suffering. If you’ve lived through a drunk driving accident, turn to Trantolo & Trantolo’s experienced lawyers to handle your claim. To learn more, contact us today.