Winter may have snow and ice, but summer has increased traffic, distracted teen drivers and road construction. Although work zones can be frustrating when your commute is extended by 20 minutes, construction is necessary to correct our roadways from the damage of winter conditions. That said, it is important to obey all signs for your own safety and those around you – including the workers! How can we be safer behind the wheel in construction areas? We offer three quick tips.

Always Be Alert

Work Area_BlogApproximately 20,000 workers are injured on the job every year, but drivers are the most frequent fatalities in road work zones. Rear-end crashes are the most common, often due to distracted, drunk or sleepy drivers. It is imperative to stay completely alert when approaching and driving through one of these work zones. An innocent person’s life, whether it be a worker or another driver, could be put at risk from your careless error.

Follow the Rules of the Road

Reduce your speed significantly, whether a temporary speed limit is posted or not. Either way, it is expected that drivers go slow. Also, merge in a timely and proper manner. No one likes the person who speeds to the front of the line to cut in at the last minute. However, it is equally unsafe to tailgate the person in front of you to keep another driver from cutting in.

Remember Stopping Distances

Road construction often takes place on roads where the speed limit is regularly 50 mph or above. While you may be used to highway travel, pay attention to the signs that warn you when roadwork is coming up. The lanes can become congested much faster than you think! Remember that the amount of time required for your car to come to a complete stop from 50 mph depends on road conditions:

  • Dry: About 300 ft.
  • Wet: About 400 ft.
  • Icy: About 1,250 ft.

Road construction work increases our safety as drivers. Remember to be respectful of the workers and others driver around you to make traveling through these zones seem like less of a hassle. Even so, if you find yourself in an accident at a road construction site, contact Trantolo & Trantolo. Present your claim to one of our car accident attorneys today.