The snow’s off the ground, and ice no longer creates a slick journey stretching ahead. But even with trees sprouting green leaves and flowers starting to bloom, a different group of driving hazards accompanies spring’s return.

PotHoleSeasonThe nice weather is great for taking a ride; however, spring brings rain and hailstorms. As well, the signs of winter don’t disappear immediately. Likely, you’ve noticed potholes dotting the streets and highways as you drive to and from work each day.

Now as spring’s in full swing, adjust your driving behavior to the weather:

Rain: Even a light storm creates slick roads, which potentially lead to less traction and hydroplaning. In fact, according to statistics from the Federal Highway Administration, slippery conditions resulting from rain caused 46 percent of all springtime accidents from 2002 to 2012. Beyond this condition, too, rain may result in flooding, making driving dangerous overall.

To handle rain and wet conditions, be sure to give yourself greater stopping distance. Or if flooding is expected, remain indoors.

Hail: These small balls of ice falling from the sky are known to shatter windshields. But even if your car stays in good condition, the weather ultimately cracks and dents the road.

Winter’s Influence: Cold weather, from snow and ice to wind, can wreck havoc on the asphalt. Worn surfaces, cracks, and potholes turn into a recipe for vehicular damage, from denting your suspension to creating a collision between two or more cars.

Animals & People: Warmer weather often means two things: People spend more time outdoors, while animals come out of hibernation. You’ll notice bicycles and motorcycles on the road during the afternoon, while animals attempt to cross in dawn or dusk. Drivers, in response, are recommended to be more alert – not just on the road but in parallel parking, too.

What Can You Do?

Drivers can follow these tips to stay safe:

  • Check your car’s wipers, blades, and lights before going on the road;
  • Be more alert to your surroundings; and
  • Slow down or get off the road in bad weather.


Even good drivers find themselves involved in accidents, however. In this situation, be sure to get statements and take pictures at the scene, and then prepare to face the insurance company with legal representation. For these times, contact Trantolo & Trantolo’s Connecticut offices to speak with an experienced car motor vehicle accident attorney.