Did you know that parents’ personal attitudes about their teenage drivers have a large impact on the safety of these young people? Parents who actively set rules and boundaries – and follow up on them – have the safest teenage drivers.

Is Your Teen a Safe Driver?

Father handing daughter car keysTeens who say their parents are very aware of their driving and monitor it:

  • Cut their risk of drinking and driving by 70%
  • Are half as likely to speed
  • Are 30% less likely to use a cell phone while driving

According to AAA, 4,689 teenagers died in car accidents in 2016.

The study also indicates that teenagers who actually have to ask permission for the car and don’t have their own keys are half as likely to get into a crash. These crashes are the leading cause of death for young people between 16 and 20 years old.

What Can Parents Do?

Our very important message to you is that the parents who are most effective in curbing bad driving habits are those that enforce strict rules – but in a kind way. A recent study by the Pediatric Association of America indicates that highly supportive parents, who make few rules for their teen drivers, trust rather than monitor them and hold them accountable, are actually not effective at all in curbing teen driving accidents and deaths.

The facts of this study speak for themselves. If there is a teenager in your life, please review your behavior and attitudes towards their driving, especially now as we head into summer months.

Please, let’s not take our kids or their driving for granted. Kids need to know that we are watching out for them. We do this best by being highly supportive of them, establishing clear rules regarding their driving and monitoring them closely. When it comes to our kids driving, we need to be good parents, not good buddies. If you or a loved one has been injured, contact us today.