In early December 2016, the Ford Motor Company announced several vehicle safety recalls. A number of Ford models were listed from the last few years, including 2017 models. In comparison to the Takata airbag crisis these Ford recalls are minor, but could affect the safety of your vehicle. Here’s what you need to know about the recalls.

Which Vehicles Were Recalled and Why?

buckling a seatbeltAlthough more recalls could be announced in the new year, Ford closed out 2016 by announcing the following vehicle safety issues:

  • Ford Fusion: This model has a couple problems; potential seat belt failure recalled almost 700,000 Fusions and Mondeos in early December and there is a current investigation into the anti-lock braking system, which may not work properly on uneven or wet surfaces. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported a handful of related accidents so far, also involving the Mercury Milan.
  • Ford Mondeo: In the event of a car accident, the Mondeo could also experience seat belt failure.
  • Ford Super Duty: 2017 models of this truck may be missing a reinforcement bracket, which can cause the fuel tank to be too close to the ground. If the fuel tank comes in contact with the ground while you’re driving, there could be a leak which, in turn, could cause a fire. A vehicle fire has yet to be reported due to this issue.
  • Other Sedans and SUVs: Over one thousand more sedan and SUV models with a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine have been recalled for turbocharger issues. The oil supply tubes connected to the turbocharger may have been improperly brazed (the process of metals being joined together). When oil comes into contact with hot metal parts, a fire could result.

Have Your Vehicle Inspected

If you receive a recall notice for your Fusion, Mondeo, Super Duty or other impacted model, don’t ignore it! Safety recalls are very important to address in a timely manner; although you technically have 10 years for recall repairs to be completed for free, the waiting list for a vehicle inspection can be very long. Contact your local dealership right away, rather than risking your safety another day.

If you or a loved one is involved in a motor vehicle accident due to recalled parts, contact our car accident lawyers today to pursue a claim.