On August 19, Trantolo & Trantolo put out a motorcycle safety PSA on our YouTube channel. 30- and 60-second versions are available, with the former available to see below.

Focusing on the importance of being seen by motorists, the video features Trantolo & Trantolo staff riders Vincent Trantolo, Chick Pritchard, and Scott Trantolo, as well as clients and personal friends. View it here:

Although the frequency of motorcycle accidents matches that of other vehicles, the smaller size and greater exposure make a rider more susceptible to injuries and fatalities. Studies have found that a motorcycle accident is 35 times more likely than a standard car collision to result in death, and the motorcycle rider is six more times than the driver of a car to be injured in a collision.

Although motorcycle riding poses inherent risks, riders are advised to take precautions and be aware of common accidents and road issues:

• Head-on collisions
• Left turns. Often, a motorcycle travels in a straight path while an adjacent motorist is turning, resulting in a collision. Motorists often claim, in these cases, the motorcyclist wasn’t visible.
• Lane splitting, or driving in between two lanes. Motorcyclists try to do so during traffic jams, but the limited space between vehicles, poor visibility, and motorists unaware of the motorcyclist’s presence may result in an accident.
• Speeding
• Slick roads
• Weather conditions, including snow, ice, rain, and even wind.
• Debris and other objects blocking the road
• Pot holes

But while it’s advised that motorcycle riders always follow the rules of the road, take measures to avoid common hazards, and ensure they remain visible to all car and truck drivers, other motorists need to be aware, too. If you’re driving a car or truck, always be on the lookout for motorcycle riders, especially in bad weather, traffic, and poor visibility conditions; understand common hazards motorcycle riders face; stay at least two seconds behind a motorcycle, if not more; and be alert to passing motorcycles as you make a left turn.

At Trantolo & Trantolo, our staff says that putting safety first… is no accident. However, collisions and similar incidents involving a motorcycle do occur on the road, and our lawyers, many of whom are riders themselves, represent plaintiffs in these types of cases.