It was a beautiful day. Our client, Scott S., was enjoying a peaceful motorcycle ride in late November. The cold weather was not going to stop Scott from reveling in the beauty of late fall weather in New England. Towards the end of the ride, he saw a car approaching – and the driver did not seem prepared to stop.

Client Injured in a Serious Accident

Although Scott ran the scenario through his head, there was no time to react. The driver took a left-hand turn in front of Scott’s motorcycle and he hit the car. Ejected from his bike, Scott was catapulted int0 the driver’s windshield and suffered serious injuries.

My heart kept moving forward and it tore a hole in my aortic valve. I don’t remember very much of it at all.

– Scott S.

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The Family Turns to Trantolo & Trantolo

After a life-threatening accident, many people’s first instinct is to panic. How will the medical bills be paid? How will I afford to miss work? At Trantolo & Trantolo, we emphasize the importance of getting better to all our clients. While you and your family are healing, let us take care of everything else. That is exactly what Keith Trantolo did for this family.

Trust the Winning Tradition

Although Scott’s wife Leslie and his daughter Hannah went through a traumatic experience seeing Scott with damage to his heart, both femurs broken, a fracture in his back and a shattered foot, they were able to breathe again with the help of Attorney Keith Trantolo. The driver who hit Scott claimed he didn’t see him, but it was proven that he had taken a left-hand turn against the right-of-way.

It has been over two years since Scott’s accident and the road ahead remains long, but with the help of Attorney Keith Trantolo, the future looks a little brighter.

I really don’t know what would have happened if I didn’t have Keith. I owe a lot to Keith Trantolo…you mean the world to me.

– Scott S.