Trantolo & Trantolo’s hugely successful Heads Up For Safety program is a coalition of public and private community stakeholders who support bicycle helmet safety and education for local youth. Attorney Vincent Trantolo began this program over 20 years ago in Hartford with the late Mayor Michael Peters. On Friday, September 14th, Attorney Keith Trantolo and our Chief Operating Officer, Scott Trantolo, brought it back to our capital city, where Mayor Luke Bronin welcomed us!

First launched in Bridgeport this summer, the goal of Heads Up For Safety is to reduce the number of bicycle-related injuries that lead to emergency room visits among our youth. According to Safe Kids Connecticut, wearing a bicycle helmet can reduce the risk of brain injury by 88 percent but unfortunately, only 45 percent of children 14 and under wear one.

Keith, Vincent and Scott Trantolo

Atty. Keith Trantolo, Atty. Vincent Trantolo & COO Scott Trantolo present Heads Up For Safety to Hartford!

Heads Up For Safety Banner

Heads Up For Safety Banner, featuring our awesome Hartford sponsors!

Keith Trantolo and Vincent Trantolo

Attorney Vincent Trantolo addresses the crowd as Attorney Keith Trantolo looks on.

On September 14th, Mayor Luke Bronin helped us inaugurate Heads Up For Safety in Hartford, where our law firm first opened its doors 80 years ago. During Friday’s event at the Hartford Boys and Girls Club, we gave away 125 Heads Up For Safety helmets and 34 new bicycles, built and generously donated by employees of Aetna and St. Francis HealthCare Partners. We also held a Tricycle Race, which Attorney Keith Trantolo won!

Our father always taught us it’s important to give back to the community that supports us.

– Trial Atty. Keith Trantolo

Mayor Luke Bronin and Keith Trantolo

Mayor Luke Bronin helps welcome Heads Up For Safety to Hartford.

Posing before the trike race

Attorney Keith Trantolo, Mayor Luke Bronin and others posing before the tricycle race.

Hartford Police Officer

Hartford Police Lt. Mike Reynolds addresses the crowd.

Through our partnership with the Hartford Police Department, we hope to fit 1,000 free bicycle helmets to current safety standards. Kids seen riding without a helmet will receive a “ticket” that’s redeemable for a free bicycle helmet with the Heads Up For Safety decal. We’ll also reward kids who wear head protection with Hartford Yard Goats baseball and Hartford Wolf Pack hockey games!

We were looking for an opportunity to get involved with the community we’re in. We’re excited to be in the city where our headquarters are based.

– COO Scott Trantolo

Tricycle Race

Attorney Keith Trantolo wins the Tricycle Race!

Attorney Keith Trantolo fitting a bicycle helmet

Attorney Keith Trantolo fitting a bicycle helmet for a young boy.

Trantolo & Trantolo staff

The Trantolo & Trantolo staff posing in front of our Heads Up For Safety bike helmets.

To learn more about bringing Heads Up For Safety to your community or to make a donation, contact our Director of Communications, Chick Pritchard, at (844) 999-9999 or