On December 19th, 2017, Trantolo & Trantolo visited the Curiale School in Bridgeport, where Christmas came early for 30 lucky students.

Annual Holiday Bicycle Raffle

Atty Tony Nunes at Bridgeport schoolFor the past five years, the school has raffled off 30 bicycles to their young students. One student in each classroom is randomly selected to receive this gift, thanks to Mimi Nelson of the Special Education department. Her generous friends help pay for the bikes every year, which bring smiles and happiness to the Curiale School each holiday season.

It’s just overwhelming, it’s like winning the lottery for them, it’s just beautiful. They’re smiling, they’re happy…I’m happy, my friends are happy and that’s what Christmas is about. It’s about giving. – Mimi Nelson

Helmets from Trantolo & Trantolo

Attorney Tony Nunes of our Bridgeport office was in Mrs. DeSousa’s second grade class when 7-year-old Ariana won a bicycle. Unfortunately, her old bike was stolen earlier this year, but it made the new toy that more special for Ariana.

Attorney Nunes presented her with a bicycle helmet, provided by Trantolo & Trantolo. The 29 other students who went home with new bikes also received a helmet on behalf of our law firm. We recently opened an office in Bridgeport, so community involvement has been our mission over the past several months.

Bicycle Safety in Bridgeport

At our Open House on June 9th, we announced a new community safety program with the Bridgeport Police Department: “Heads Up for Safety”. Children seen riding in Bridgeport without a bicycle helmet will receive proper head protection.