Precious the Pit BullEarlier this month, a 1-year-old pit bull mix named Precious was found by Waterbury Police badly burned in a parking lot. The police are currently investigating this case of animal abuse and suspect it may have involved chemicals. It appears the dog suffered from a severe case of mange and that someone may have tried to treat it, but only made the situation worse.

Precious did not have any ID tags or microchip, so police said it was unlikely they would be able to track down the owner or whoever was responsible for this act of animal cruelty. Precious was found at 9 p.m. on Monday, March 4th after Waterbury Police received a call saying a dog was badly injured. Precious was lying underneath a bush in an empty parking lot on Hopkins Street when police found her.

A North Haven-based animal rescue group, Halfway Home, has assumed financial responsibility for the cost of treating Precious at a local veterinary. While the veterinarians are confident Precious will make a full recovery they warn that the treatments will require a lot of time and a significant amount of money.

The Trantolo & Trantolo law firm has made a $200 donation to the Halfway Home to help Precious and cover some of the medical costs. Trantolo & Trantolo is very supportive of dogs and their well-being and we are deeply saddened to hear of abuse stories like Precious. Our firm features many dog owners and our mascot just happens to be Keith Trantolo’s beautiful German Shepherd, Taj. No animal should ever have to endure what Precious went through, and we hope more people take an interest in supporting animal rescue groups.