The I-Promise campaign is a joint effort of Trantolo & Trantolo, the Connecticut Police Chiefs Association, and Channel 3. Last week, a video for fall 2012 was released, highlighting the points of this safe driving campaign.

Encapsulated in 30 seconds is the full I-Promise mission: cell phones are one of the most hazardous distractions on the road, particularly when a teen is behind the wheel. To prevent distracted driving-related injuries and deaths, a primary goal of I-Promise, teen and adult drivers are advised to turn off the devise and have a designated, non-driving texter. Parents, who may eventually teach their teens the rules of the road, are further advised to set a good example.

The I-Promise pledge is a life-saving commitment to being a safe driver. Those signing it are advised to adhere to the following principles:

• I-PROMISE not to drive distracted
• I-PROMISE not to text while driving
• I-PROMISE to keep my hands on the wheel
• I-PROMISE to keep my eyes on the road

See the full I-Promise mission in the video below:

Earlier in the fall, students at Coventry High School in Connecticut were some of the latest to take the I-Promise pledge. At the event, students saw a presentation. Although geared toward teens, the presentation essentially applies to everyone, as distracted driving, particularly regarding texting and other cell phone use, has proliferated in recent years. Students, as well as adults, taking the pledge not only understand the dangers of this behavior, but additionally promise to keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. Distracted driving, even grooming or tuning the radio, diverts the motorist’s attention and vision from crucial on-the-road activity.