On Tuesday, May 15th, Trantolo & Trantolo launched its “Heads Up For Safety” program in Bridgeport, CT. Along with our generous program partners, we have brought a new safety initiative to the city of Bridgeport. The goal of “Heads Up For Safety” is to give away free bicycle helmets to kids in the city who are seen without head protection. The helmets will feature a “Heads Up For Safety” decal that recognizes the program’s key stakeholders.

Media Kickoff Event

Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim graciously thanked us for our community involvement at the official announcement of “Heads Up For Safety”.

“For Child Safety Month, this is such a wonderful partnership. A special thanks to Trantolo & Trantolo for your stepping up and leading this, certainly around in other cities and now here in the city of Bridgeport, it means a lot to us,” said Mayor Ganim.

To help inaugurate this safety initiative, the Office of the Mayor hosted a “Heads Up For Safety Trike Race” featuring Bridgeport Police Department Chief Armando J. “AJ” Perez, Bridgeport Fire Department Chief Richard Thode, Bridgeport Sound Tigers Assistant Coach Matt Carkner, St. Vincent’s Medical Center Chairperson of Surgical Services Dr. Anthy Demestihas and Mayor Ganim.

History of “Heads Up For Safety”

Over 25 years ago, Attorney Vincent Trantolo started the “Heads Up For Safety” program.

During the course of my lifetime, there were two things I learned from my father. The first one is ‘you only go around once in this world, so do it right’. And the second one was ‘while you’re at it, give back to the community’. In the spirit of that, some years ago we started the “Heads Up For Safety” program in the Hartford area and New Britain. We gave out dozens of helmets to young kids who did not have a helmet in those specific towns. And we’re here again to institute that program here in the Bridgeport community. – Vincent Trantolo.

Group photo before the Trike Race

Group photo before the Trike Race.

Heads Up For Safety Media Event

Scott Trantolo, Dr. Anthy Demestihas, Vincent Trantolo & Chick Pritchard.

Group photo after the trike race

Group photo following the Trike Race.

It is our mission to make a difference in the lives of young kids in the city of Bridgeport. Throughout the summer and fall, the Bridgeport Police Department will be co-hosting a series of Bicycle Safety Rodeos for the public, where we will give away free bicycle helmets to local kids. To learn more, please visit HeadsUp4Safety.com.