Trantolo & Trantolo is not just the Premier CT Law Firm…We are Crime Watch Persons par Excellence!

On the morning of Thursday, April 21, we had quite a bit of excitement happen right outside of our Hartford office on Russ Street. Shortly after everyone arrived to work, an escaped prisoner was captured by the Connecticut State and Hartford Police outside our building!

Around 8:00 a.m., prisoner Kevin Feliciano escaped from his handcuffs and police custody on his way to the courthouse in Hartford. Leaving his orange jumpsuit behind, Feliciano ran away on foot, ending up across the street from our firm when police recaptured him an hour later. He was found hiding under the porch of an abandoned house on Russ St. behind a large bush.

Many of our staff members watched the search and arrest happen right from their office windows! Some were interviewed by various local news outlets following the capture, including our Director of Communications, Chick Pritchard, paralegals Melody Zagurski and Anne Ciccio, Nancy Perkel, Charlene Dukes and Ashley Jupe.

“I thought with all of the state police in the neighborhood, something serious must have just happened,” Chick said. “Myself and paralegals Melody Zagurski and Anne Ciccio watched the whole event unfold. I saw numerous other officers running towards the building across the street from our office and I began to videotape. I then heard a State police officer shout “I see his foot!” and my video records the whole arrest.”

Originally under arrest for grand theft auto in Greenwich and crashing into a police vehicle, Feliciano is securely back in custody, likely facing more charges after this stunt.