The internet is a growing source for which citizens and consumers research information, be it for products, services, or even laws. Unfortunately, this ease of accessibility extends in two divergent directions: one, a medium for quickly spreading inaccurate information, and two, as a resource for determining the veracity of all possible information.

This week, the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association launched an online newsroom for the latter purpose. According to the nonprofit organization’s press release, the newsroom is part of an effort to make “critical information about the civil justice system more easily accessible as more and more consumers use the Internet to gain access to news and information.”

The organization, of which multiple Trantolo & Trantolo attorneys are members, also introduced its newsroom as part of an effort for providing Connecticut consumers an equal chance at seeking justice in the state’s court system, particularly, as in the cases of negligence and product liability, large corporations and industries compromise safety for profits.

The newsroom, now available on the organization’s website, gives readers up-to-date information to proposed changes to laws concerning negligence and other consumer safety issues. Vision Smart News, powering the newsroom, provides the latest and most relevant topics to Connecticut citizens.

Founded in 1954, the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association (CTLA) is a nonprofit organization that, together with the Connecticut Civil Justice Foundation, dedicates itself to upholding and protecting the rights of Connecticut citizens and consumers. Its focus, to make sure citizen’s rights are guarded and protected, has been on state legislative and judicial branches and regulatory agencies. Its members include nearly 1,300 of Connecticut’s most accomplished and active trial lawyers who are also dedicated to maintaining the state’s justice system, fighting on behalf of plaintiffs, and becoming better trial attorneys.