The Hartford Courant recently reported on multiple nursing homes fined by the state Department of Health.

While negligence is an issue in all recent cases, falls have been one of the common injuries associated with fines.

At the St. Joseph’s Center in Trumbull, the newspaper reports, a resident had been left unattended and fell as a result. In this particular incident, the aide helping him to the shower heard another resident calling and left the first resident holding a rail by the stairs. The first resident fell and, in the process, experienced multiple fractures and a brain hemorrhage.

In a similar incident at the Meridian Manor Corp. in Waterbury, an aide helping a resident out of bed turned to reach for a comb. This resident fell and experienced a spinal fracture and head laceration as a result.

In a third similar case, a resident of the Gladeview Health Care Center in Old Saybrook required a walker and two aides for transportation at all times. However, in this scenario, one of the aides left the resident, and the second aide attempted to move the resident into bed alone. Although the report doesn’t specify what occurred, the resident broke his femur.

As this report shows, the Department of Health doesn’t just fine for negligence resulting in physical injury. Verbal abuse, as a case at the Silver Springs Care Center in Meriden shows, merits similar consequences.

This recent group of incidents mirrors some of the most common nursing home injuries. A typical nursing home experiences 100 to 200 fall-related issues per year, while head injuries may occur following a slip or fall.

A resident’s injury or atypical behavior, as this recent report illustrates, may indicate a pattern of negligence or abuse. If you suspect either, turn to Trantolo & Trantolo’s team of lawyers to review and move forward with your case.