Annually, the Connecticut Law Tribune puts out its Personal Injury Yearbook supplement, which includes the “50 Highest Verdicts in Connecticut” list. For 2012, three Trantolo & Trantolo cases were included.

Dana Van Der Jagt v. Elise Carlton leads the group with $408,000. While the details of the case can be read here, the lawsuit, filed in Hartford Superior Court, saw its verdict reached on September 28, 2012.

Atty. Cramer, for Franklin Borja v. Daniel Sanford, saw $129,637. A 2008 rear-end collision by Sanford in Torrington resulted in Borja experiencing lower back injuries. While the plaintiff claims to have to felt no pain at the accident, he sought treatment on multiple occasions; on September 28, 2009, an MRI revealed he had degenerative disc disease and lumbar disc hernations at multiple levels. A doctor stated his condition will worsen over time.

Out of the total amount won, $2,137 was awarded for past economic losses, $62,500 for future economic losses, and $65,000 for non-economic damages. Originally, Borja sought $3,000 per year in future medical needs and $2,137 for past medical expenses.

A third Trantolo & Trantolo attorney experienced one of the highest wins in 2012 for case Rose M. Clement v. 21st Century Insurance Company. With the verdict reached on May 3, 2012, the case stems from a rear-end collision creating a chain reaction of five vehicles in Waterbury. The at-fault driver fled the scene, never identified by police.

At the hospital after the crash, the plaintiff complained of nausea, headache, upper back pain, neck pain, and numbness in arms and was diagnosed with a traumatic soft tissue injury. Clement continued to experience pain, particularly headaches and numbness in arms, and, by a doctor, was referred to a neurosurgeon, who then sent her to a chiropractor.

In total, $86,982 was awarded for the case, with $86,000 for non-economic damages.