Holiday shopping can be expensive – who wouldn’t want a great deal on the perfect gifts? For more than 80 years, the term “Black Friday” has referred to the day after Thanksgiving in our country. Considered the official start to the holiday shopping season, Black Friday helps many retail stores emerge from the red and earn a profit. Great deals for consumers and money for our economy seems like a win-win. Yet, injuries occur each year as the result of Black Friday chaos. What potential dangers do shoppers face?

The Shocking Statistics

crowded shopping mall According to data analysis site Silk, Walmart is the most dangerous place to shop on Black Friday. Also the largest retailer, 66 percent of injuries reported have occurred in a Walmart store. In 2008, a Walmart worker died after a stampede of people trampled him.

Car Accidents

Millions of people go out in the early morning hours of Black Friday seeking deals. Shopping malls are so packed, it can be nearly impossible to find a parking spot. There is a huge potential for accidents with drivers fighting over spots and pedestrians rushing through parking lots. Whether you’re involved in a collision with another vehicle or you hit a person walking, the chances of someone getting hurt in a parking lot are exponentially larger on Black Friday.

Personal Injuries

Although the Occupational Safety and Health Administration recommends hiring additional security for mass crowds like the ones expected on Black Friday, some stores will lack staff. In addition to the stampedes mentioned above, shoppers should be wary of confrontations with others. In recent years, Silk found that people have been shot, stabbed and, most commonly, pepper sprayed by other customers who want the last big screen TV.

Slip and Fall Dangers

Although winter doesn’t officially start until late December, snow and icy weather can lead to wet floors in stores. Slip-resistant mats have the potential to get pushed aside by a large crowd of people pushing and shoving through the doors. If you’re out shopping on Black Friday, watch out for puddles that may cause you to slip and hurt yourself.

Potential for Theft

On Black Friday in 2015, shoppers spent $67.5 billion in stores and $2.9 billion online. Be on the lookout for anyone suspicious, who may be trying to steal merchandise or personal information from unsuspecting shoppers. The holiday season is a popular time for identity theft because so many people are swiping their credit cards or using them online.

We believe that spending time with family and celebrating the holiday season safely is more important than risking an injury. However, if you’re involved in an accident or otherwise injured while out Black Friday shopping, we’re here to help you. Contact our personal injury attorneys if you believe you have a claim to pursue.