Written by  Keith V. Trantolo

Our Hartford Office Has Moved!

We’re excited to be starting a new chapter in our 80+ year history! Trantolo & Trantolo’s Hartford office has moved to 21 Oak Street, Suite 605. If you have any questions, please review the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Illustrated MapWhat is the address?
21 Oak Street, Suite 605, Hartford, CT 06106.

What floor are you on?
6th floor, suite 605. It’s the office directly in front of the elevators.

Are the contact numbers (phone and fax numbers) the same?
Yes, all of our contact numbers will remain the same. Call (860) 999-9999 or send a fax to (860) 548-2555.

How do I reach you at your new location?
Our new location is conveniently located behind our old offices in The Connecticut Education Building. It’s on Oak Street, a half block away from Russ St.

Is my attorney or paralegal’s contact information changing?
All of our attorney and paralegal contact information remains the same.

Is the new office hard to get to?
No, it’s very close to our old location on Russ St.

Are your hours of operations the same?
Our hours of operation remain the same. We have a call service that can assist any client 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Are the same practice areas covered at Trantolo & Trantolo?
Our practice areas remain the same – personal injury.

Parking Questions

21 Oak StreetCan I park my motorcycle in the garage?
The “safe” answer is no. The parking equipment is activated after the presence detectors sense an “automobile” type vehicle is in the entrance or exit lanes. They are NOT designed to sense a presence of a “motorcycle” type vehicle, so they are not reliable. This can cause a gate arm to prematurely close as a motorcycle is passing through the lane, causing injury to the rider.

Are there height restrictions in the garage? Do I need to worry about my truck?
The posted clearance is 9’. It is recommended that long-bodied pickup trucks (crew cabs) park at the bottom of level 3, so as not to interfere with drive lane traffic.

Is parking free?
Yes, parking is free for our clients. We will be using a validation system, so please remember to bring your parking ticket to the office to be stamped/validated by Charlene.

Do I have to pay for parking?
No, you do not need to pay for parking. We will be using a validation system, so please remember to bring your parking ticket to the office to be stamped/validated by Charlene.

How do I validate my ticket?
To get your ticket validated, you simply need to bring it with you to your appointment. Charlene will be able to validate your ticket for free parking before you leave.

Do I need to take my ticket with me into the office?
Yes – remember to bring your ticket with you to your appointment.

What happens if I forget to validate my parking ticket?
If you forget your ticket in your car, you will need to come back up to the offices to get your ticket validated. Otherwise, you will have to pay upon exiting the parking lot.

What happens if I lose my parking ticket?
The parking attendant can issue a replacement ticket but will require a photo ID, preferably a driver’s license, before doing so. The ticket will be charged from 6:30 am entry time. The customer can also bring the ticket back to the tenant they visited for a possible validation.

Is there a parking attendant to show me where to park?
There is a parking attendant but all unreserved parking is available for client parking. Please find any non-reserved spot for your appointment. AND DON’T FORGET YOUR PARKING TICKET!

Is there specialized, reserved or marked parking for Trantolo clients?
There is not specialized, reserved parking for Trantolo clients. All clients are eligible to park in any unreserved spot.

Is there handicapped parking?
Yes, there are several marked handicapped parking spots inside the garage.

Building Accessibility Questions

What’s accessibility like?
The building is accessible during our office hours from 8:30am to 5pm. Should you be meeting with your attorney during hours that differ from our standard office hours, you will need to wait for him/her outside the building to gain access.

Do I need to check in with security in the Lobby?
Yes, we ask that all clients sign in at the front desk.

How do I access the building on weekends or before/after hours?
When access card information is completed, the tenant representative can designate the hours an employee can access. If 24/7, then the badge will let the person in the building and the garage, if the person has garage access.

I’m handicapped – how do I get to your floor?
Our office is ADA compliant and you’ll use the elevator to access our office on the 6th floor.

Are service dogs allowed?
Yes – with proper identification.

Are there bathrooms for clients to use?
There are public bathrooms located on the first floor. Additionally, if you need to use the bathroom once you’ve gotten to our office, please ask Charlene for the bathroom key.

Staffing or Related Questions

Is my attorney or paralegal changing?
No – your paralegal and attorney team remain the same.

Will my case be affected?
We will not notice any business impact during our transition. All cases will remain unaffected by the move.

I have a depo scheduled – what office do I go to?
Please work with your paralegal and attorney regarding your depo location and time, should it be scheduled for 10/10/19 or 10/11/19.

Will Charlene still be at the front desk?
Charlene will remain at the front desk of our new location.