Written by  Keith V. Trantolo

Tractor trailer truck drivers cover hundreds of miles a day, sometimes under less-than-perfect working conditions. Although there are laws in place to regulate the number of hours spent on the road in a day, CMV drivers can be put under pressure by their employers to break these rules. When someone who is overtired is operating a 100,000-pound tractor trailer truck, the risk of an accident increases, despite the driver’s level of experience. Due to their large size, many CMV accidents are fatal for both parties involved. The following resources outline the protections of truck drivers and safety tips for sharing the road.

American Trucking Associations

This organization has been advocating for the safety of those who work in the trucking industry and those who share the road with the drivers. Their goal is to create modern policies for highway safety. Through their promotion of this goal, members meet with policymakers to get their initiatives passed. Learn more about what the ATA does.

Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance

The CVSA is a non-profit alliance committed to improving the safety of commercial motor vehicle drivers through uniform guidelines for truck inspections. On their website, you can learn more about:

  • Regulatory developments
  • Legislative updates
  • Reauthorization recommendations
  • Commercial motor vehicle inspections
  • Programs, events and awards
  • CVSA’s policy positions

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

The FMCSA works within the Department of Transportation to prevent CMV injuries and deaths. They work in conjunction with federal, state and local enforcement agencies to:

  • Develop standards for CMV licensing
  • Collect and analyze data to improve safety
  • Maintain regulatory compliance
  • Financially assist CMV safety programs

Learn more about CMV and motor vehicle driver safety while sharing the roads from FMCSA.