You enter a surgical procedure expecting to get better but even for months afterwards, pain, inflammation and far worse symptoms persist – long after you should have recovered.

In many cases, a device intended to improve a condition doesn’t do its job. Recalls and FDA warnings have identified metal-on-metal hip implants and bladder slings as sources of ongoing pain for recipients but frequently, surgeons and physicians aren’t made aware of the risks once the product is on the market. Often, a statement comes years after thousands of patients have been implanted with a device or given a drug treatment and experienced its adverse effects.

Connecticut Catastrophic Injuries Lawyer

Negligence, from lax testing and warnings to a lack of oversight in workplace safety, has potential to result in catastrophic injuries – or even death. With life-long debilitating conditions comes medical expenses, lost wages and earning power, and diminished livelihood and enjoyment, not only for the injured but any family members suddenly thrust into a caretaking role.

If you find yourself in any of these situations, legal representation guides you through complicated processes toward the justice you or your loved one deserves. Read all pages below to learn about specific injuries and conditions for which Trantolo & Trantolo provides representation.