Written by Keith V. Trantolo

Bringing Suit In Your Personal Injury Case

We prepare each lawsuit expecting to go to trial, even though a settlement could (and often does) take place at any time after the lawsuit is filed. If we cannot reach an acceptable settlement, you must decide if you wish to file the lawsuit we’ve prepared. Once we file, we will guide you through the entire process, which will consist of the following items. We’ve defined each term for you here.


Gavel on deskBoth sides have a right to obtain information needed to prepare their cases by use of a procedure called discovery. Depositions and interrogatories are the most common forms of discovery.


A deposition is testimony given under oath in the presence of lawyers from both sides and is taken down by a court reporter. Before you give a deposition, you will be thoroughly prepared by your attorney and team.

Written Interrogatories

This is simply a list of questions lawyers may submit to anyone involved in the case. If we need a written interrogatory, we will ask that you provide the answers by a certain date. We will then review your answers, put them in the proper form and return the statement for your signature. Then your answers will be sent to the defense lawyers as part of Discovery.


Most cases are settled before they get to the courtroom. If your case does go to trial, you will be thoroughly briefed on what to expect.

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